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Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

only my dream

       Yesterday, maybe 2 or 3 days ago, i dream that my motorcycle have got leak in front of my house , whereas, in my home there's a celebration (don't know exactly 'bout what ^o^ ).The motorcycle had been repaired but still leaks.
       When i wake up on the morning,  i've told my mom that don't go anywhere that day, 'cause my feeling was so bad. I tell her that, i read "the meaning of a dream" and overthere, explain if my dream means will have an accident. So that i feel so scared! I don't want if it happen to my family... =(

       Obviously, that was not about "an accident", but, 2 thing concerning my family that day..
1. At the afternoon my mom got a message, that she lost of her job, because of the buyer had an accident and was hospitalized and being treated in ICU. My mom do catering business.
2. At night my Brother printer's suddenly broken. Whereas, it still can  be used when noon.. So weird, isn't it?! That Printer is still new for us, because it garanted 3 years, while this, there is no 1 years from last we buy that. Early, the handyman said that it just the adaptor that have been damaged. But, today he have say is different. How freak that! He said that, the damaged didn't about the adaptor, but the other thing. ASH! what the hell is that!!!

The point of all of that is, my dream is related with my printer, but just i don't  realized that on the first sight, and just now i realize it....

how dear you....... >,<
poor the shit thing! ^^


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