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Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

Last Day of the 2011 Year

soo, this is the day of the end 2011 year.. :D but, nothing get bettter, lol xD
tomorrow is the new year day!! umm i guess tonight will be the great day for all of the people around the world.. although, this morning the weather a bit overcast and drizzle accompanied (in my place for surely! a.k.a Magelang - Indonesia).. but, there's a cute rainbow in the sky, like on the picture (i take it from my phone, xp)

The Weather 31st Dec 2011
The Rainbow 31st Dec 2011
just put some random photos of my family.. :p and mine also for sure! lol
This is me, oci oci :D
Naafi - my nephew
31st Dec 2011 
the last - 31st Dec 2011
my brother (Andri), and two of my nephew (Naafi & Ganez)

well.... Good Bye 2011 and Welcome 2012 :D

Five For Fighting - 100 Years Mp3

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