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Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012

oke, today im here, in Magelang, well yeaaah it's fabulous meet my family >.<
it's a long loong time not blogging xD 
move on to Karawang make me feel so far with what i am
and now just wanna post some photo's with some friend's there :D

^ oci & sarah ^

well, saraah she just a realy kind girl :D umm agung & fadly somewhat silly friend's, hhaha oke oke joke (^^,)v
but having them is like a little story.. yeah, story of us in 1 office in Karawang although it just for a moment  :D
nice to know and be friend with 'em ♥

Sarah Oci Siska 


Simon Webbe - After All This Time

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